Wear Wolfe Attitude


Wear Wolfe Attitude was born of a desire to create something unique, distinctive, and innovative.  

Wende Wolfe Abrahm , the creative vision behind Wear Wolfe Attitude, prioritizes joy in everything she creates.  She believes your sunglass eyewear is a direct reflection of your personality and the attitude you want to project each and every day.  Wende designs sunglass collections with a strong aesthetic, thoughtful and timeless luxury fashion details, artful materials and color palettes, and intentionally elevated quality and craftsmanship. 

For over two decades, Wende has proven to be an accomplished international eyewear executive driving product development, design vision, strategic material sourcing, and operations and quality control efforts while always championing the brand voice.  Wende has traveled extensively through Asia and Europe working with and learning from major sunglass manufacturers.  Having developed and managed over thirty international brands, Wende is now focusing her experience and competencies on her industry disrupting Wear Wolfe Attitude brand.  

The Gilded Wolfe luxury sunglass collection highlights the innovative, patent-pending, interchangeable magnetic Attitude charm series.  The Active Wolfe lifestyle collection touts state-of-the-art feather weight frames while still providing a fashion edge.  Crafting sunglasses from BPA free, recyclable and biodegradable materials supports Wende’s desire to create unique and engaging products and remains a catalyst for future Wear Wolfe Attitude collections.  

Wende Wolfe Abrahm happily lives in Denver, Colorado enjoying an average of 245 sunny sunglass wearing days a year.  Wende is a devoted wife and a loving mother to three amazing kids.