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Find Your Face Shape

Everyone’s face is unique and choosing something as personal as sunglasses often takes the joint efforts of your most trusted friends. Looking for extra style guidance? Take a look at your face shape in the mirror and compare with our traditional face shape guidelines.


Defined by its rounded chin and jawline with an oblong shape, oval is the most universal face shape and works with any classic frame style. Bold, oversized frames provide drama; soft square and rounded shapes compliment you equally as well.


A broad forehead, prominent jawline with a squared chin usually create a square face shape. Softer angles and rounded frame styles tend to look good on you.


A circular face is frequently defined by full checkbones, rounded chin and jawline. Sharp, angular, boxy frames look good on you along with wider rectangular and cat-eye frames.


A heart-shape face offers a triangular, tapered, narrow chin and prominent cheekbones. Most classic and winged styles tend to look good on you. Boxy and slightly oversized frames also compliment you.