Wear Wolfe Attitude


Please follow these tips to keep your Wear Wolfe Attitude sunglasses looking their best:

  • Try not to wear your frames on top of your head as this can stretch the hinges.
  • Whenever setting down your frames, place them lens side up to avoid scratching.
  • Avoid leaving your frames in the car, especially on hot days, to prevent warping.
  • To clean and protect your frames and lenses, use the microfiber cleaning cloth provided.
  • When frames are not being worn, place them inside the protective case provided.

Gilded Wolfe

Over time, oxidation – evidenced by a cloudy, white build-up – may occur on your cellulose acertate (a renewable and biodegradable material made from wood and cotton fibers) frames. This can reduce the deep beauty and luminous finish on your frame. You can delay the onset of oxidation by periodically cleaning your frame with warm, soapy water. Avoid soaps that are scented or contain dyes, and never use chemical cleaners. After cleaning, dry completely!

Active Wolfe

Eco Friendly Polyamides are known for their high durability and strength. The featherweight frames provide extreme comfort and flexibility. Sunglass frames should not be left in a hot automobile or continually placed on the top of your head. To keep your sunglasses in the best condition possible, store them away in your WWA protective case when not wearing.


The simplest way to maintain your BPA free polarized lenses is to place them in your WWA protective case with the lenses towards the soft, non-abrasive material. If the lenses are dirty, clean with a lens cleaning solution and your WWA microfiber cleaning cloth. Never use paper products (paper towels, tissues, etc.) on your lenses.